Epochal PLUS dungeons

Deadline: from 30 minutes.
Character Requirements: Level 120, transfer account.
When ordering a key +6 and above, 340+ level of equipment is required!

Why us?

For over 8 years we have been providing services in WoW.
The best guilds cooperate with us.
Start of execution on the day of the order.
Thousands of reviews from appreciative customers.
Instant response of our operators in the online chat.

Service Description:

Passage of one epochal + dungeon according to your key. There are options for passing several dungeons in a row at a bargain price, contact the operator for making a personal order.

You will get the loot from all the dungeons that we pass until we reach the ordered level, + chest in the bulwark at the end of the week.

This is the fastest and most effective way to dress up =)

What is it all about?

Supplement Legion brought into the game a new type of content - Mythic + dungeons with keys. In fact, these are the same dungeons of epochal complexity, but having the following features:

Time limit on the passage;
Reinforced opponents;
Additional abilities of opponents and the surrounding world.

: cut:

Epochal keys have only 2 characteristics:


Modifier set.

Epic key level 6

Key Sources:

You can get a level 2 key from the loot from the last boss of a landmark keyless dungeon;
You can get a key at the end of a landmark dungeon with a key; The key level will be about 30% below the level of the dungeon traversed WoW Boost EU.
You can get the key from the chest in the stronghold. The key level will be about 30% below the maximum level you went through last week.

Each week you can get only one epoch-making key, even if you destroy it. The obtained key can be improved by passing the dungeon indicated on the key in the allotted time. The dungeon on the key is determined randomly and does not depend on the place of its receipt.

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The key is valid for one week, until the end of the preservation of the epochal dungeons and raids - until 10 am on Wednesday, Moscow time.

Description of options:

I go myself - It speaks for itself, you can participate in the group personally. The cost is higher due to increasing risks for the raid.
Dungeon Level - You can choose the maximum level of dungeons that you need to go through in Mythic mode.

Contact our operator for details and answers to all your questions.

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